Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meet Jasper.

It's been a week since Aradhna and I brought this 10-month-old fella home. Aradhna found him through a local animal rescue organisation called Forever Friends. He spent about 6 weeks with a Kiwi couple in St Kilda while waiting to be adopted. Aradhna saw his photo online and was quickly smitten. He looks like Socks, the Clintons' cat during their years in the White House -- all black with white paws and a splash of white under his chin.

We set Jasper up in a spare bedroom so that he and Theo could slowly adjust to the other's presence. As shown here, Theo was extremely interested in the newcomer. They hissed for the first two days but gradually warmed to the point where they now eat side by side and take turns being chased by the other. Still, Jasper likes to cocoon himself in hard-to-reach places, including the washing machine if it's left open.

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