Sunday, 17 March 2013

Botanic bacchanalia in a backyard.

Sunday morning in the backyard of my in-laws in Kellyville Ridge, NSW. A neighborhood that didn't exist five years ago as Sydney's westward expansion continues like a macadam storm surge. My sasuma (mother-in-law) grew up on a farm in Sigatoka, Fiji and doesn't possess a green thumb -- she's got green marrow in her bones. Here she's picking longbean grown from Fijian seeds.
My sasurji (father-in-law) beside a Hanuman jhanda flown in his backyard. These flags may be seen flying on the properties of Hindi pundits throughout Fiji.
Leaves of a peepal tree. It's native to India and plays an important role in several religions; hence, its botanical name of Ficus religiosa

Sasuma picks borabean, also grown from seeds brought from Fiji, beside one of their two mango trees.

You can take the girl out of the Sigatoka Valley ....

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Rajive Sharma said...

How did you grow Peepal tree? I would be interested in growing one in Melbourne. Can I get some seeds in Australia? Please guide.