Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We are alive.

Keeps gettin' better.
I'm a wreck. Past 2:00am, ears ringing like cocained crickets, feet barking, eyes the consistency of melted cheese, yet my mind's flying after another 3-hour Springsteen 'spectacular'. Second of 3 shows at Rod Laver Arena followed the pattern of Sydney -- looser, more intense, longer than show #1. I'm of no mind to compress thoughts or construct legible sentences so I'll toss up some photos and take another crack tomorrow ... er ... later on today.

And did I mention the Melbourne finale is tomorrow night ... er ... later today? Better eat a pile of Weet-Bix.

'Badlands' guitar. You know the bit, near the end. Crowd wouldn't let him start song #2, 'We Take Care of Our Own'. They (we) were still singing along.

An outstanding audience request, played like a brand new song.

The evening's jaunty crowd surfer. Only Springsteen can rock a tam'o'shanter.

'Spirit in the Night'. The chemistry between Jake and Bruce is almost too good to be true. But I never question the righteousness of E Street.
'Well now ... Hazy Davy ... got really hurt ...'

Tom Morello -- phenomenal all night -- added technologically adroit funkiness to a joyous 'E Street Shuffle'. Note the guitar: Soul Power. Right f*cking on.

'Red Headed Woman' went from an acoustic stab at an odd request to a full-out brass rave.

Much more to write but I'm nearly comatose.
More magic with Cindy Mizelle during 'Shackled and Drawn'.
As indicated by his 'Rock Star' t-shirt, this little dude was a natural during 'Waitin' on a Sunny Day'.
'Screen door slams ....'
A favourite photo.
'We Are Alive' made a poignant return to the setlist.
Here's something you find at all surprising: If you turn and leave your spot a few feet from the stage at the beginning of 'Born to Run', people WILL look at you like you're a deranged and dangerous pyschopath. But ... my wife was sitting behind the stage during this show, and so I went to join her as soon as the houselights came up.
This lady had a sign that asked if she could dance with Tom Morello during 'Dancing in the Dark', and Springsteen obliged. The look on Bruce's face kills me in this shot. He seems delighted to see for himself that Morello can't dance, either.
After watching people leave the arena during a rousing 'Rosalita' -- BOGANS! -- Bruce ended the show with 'Tenth Ave'. But not before mounting the piano and wringing every last drop of energy from the crowd.


Anonymous said...

That was me dancing with Tom at Melb 3....Iain took a few pics for me from the front of the stage..and I found yours with the view of Bruce laughing (from the back)...if you have any more shots I'd be interested to see them if you are willing..if not, that's OK too.
Came from California for the shows...thanks,

Anonymous said...

oops I mean Melb 2 show..not 3