Thursday, 21 November 2013

A lion leaves this Earth.

The past few weeks have been tough for family in the States. My Uncle Bobby, who lost his wife of nearly 50 years in January, has been in a bad way. Facebook has provided updates on his condition mostly due to the efforts of my Aunt Helen, who traveled to NY state when Bobby's situation darkened and kept vigil. Aradhna and I leave for the States on Sunday so I called my dad and stepmom in Florida yesterday to see how they were doing and ensure our travel plans didn't interfere with theirs. My dad told of having a final chance to speak with his brother, how much it meant, how grateful he was to Helen for allowing it to happen. My dad's the oldest of nine, Bobby was next. Had this on my mind while walking through the CBD yesterday and decided to stop at Melbourne's Celtic Club for a ceremonial Guinness. By the time the stout had settled I'd checked Facebook and learned of Bobby's passing.

The photo I posted is to the right. Here's what got posted below it:
Taking a moment to toast my beloved Uncle Bobby on this sad day. A one-time brawler, he had the face of DeNiro, swagger of Brando and heart of a Hell's Kitchen lion. My dad called Bobby, his oldest younger brother, the Wall family's 'Centurian'. As a kid, a wink from my Uncle Bobby meant he had my back, I was protected ... I was loved. I imagine his departed wife Gloria beckoning him these past few weeks -- 'BOB, get over here!' -- but Uncle Bobby held on, made her wait, no doubt with a dimpled grin and a wink. My condolences go out across the miles to his sons Dan, Rick and Jeff and their families.

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