Sunday, 29 March 2015

Jake Clemons @ Flying Saucer Club, Elsternwick 28 March 2015

As expected, Jake Clemons enjoyed a hero's return to the (blessedly nearby) Flying Saucer Club last night. Sprinkled throughout a crowd that numbered in the hundreds -- after the previous night's lucky but paltry 30 -- were dozens of familiar faces from Jake's 2014 Flying Saucer show and his 2013 and 2014 forays here with some guy from Freehold. Jake referenced last year's celebratory show several times during a 2-hour set that ran over the Flying Saucer Club's midnight curfew. Jake may be the most polite and well-mannered individual in the history of rock and roll so it was perversely satisfying to watch a club manager grow increasingly desperate to shut the show down while bandmembers Mark Roshotte, Brett Mayer and Matt Musty played lengthy solos and Jake blasted a final sax serenade that abruptly completed the plugged-in portion of the night. Jake and the boys are well-equipped to end a show sans amplification, of course, as they walked to the room's center and led a gentle singalong to the Big Man's 'You're a Friend of Mine'. A fitting finale, as the foursome were playing to arguably the largest, most welcoming crowd of either of his solo Oz tours.

A young and extraordinarily talented Queensland woman named Mia Wray played an opening set that humbled her much older audience.

An opening 'Love'll Never Change' got Jake's set off to a raucous start. 

This was my 9th Jake solo show but first with Matt behind an actual drum kit. While the New Hampshire native may need guidance on his choice of favoured sports teams, he handles himself well playing the skins. 

Mia joined the band for a loose, Joe Cocker-style 'Little Help From My Friends'.

When they weren't dancing wildly at their parents' table, Jake's future generation of fans worshiped at his feet. Literally.

As always, Jake's generosity knew no bounds afterwards. It will be the same at tonight's final show in Geelong and a 'living room' show on Monday night. 

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