Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Taste of Fiji 2015

I first visited the place of my wife's birth in 2007. Just as I fell for her the instant we met, the Fiji Islands have been in my blood since landing in Nadi that first time and smelling home fires burning in western Vitu Levu's hills and valleys before even departing the plane.

On this most recent trip I've been here with and without Aradhna for nearly a month. Still have a few days to go but thought it necessary to post a few photos before returning to Melbourne. Like other Fijian excursions it's involved all manner of accommodation, bus and mini-bus and taxi rides, three (!) weddings, and most importantly time spent with family in Korokoro.

Photos aren't in order and include no annotations. It's a taste of Fiji. My Fiji, in 2015.

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The Rhyme Animal said...

While the phrase "living the dream" is quite cliché and not exactly appropriate, as everyday life, wherever one is, is rarely the "dream" it is built up to be- these pics are as close to that ideal as one could get.

Be well, and safe travels back home.