Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sunday at the Stone Pony 4

And so we gathered for the fourth time on a Sunday afternoon in the seaside suburb of St Kilda in Melbourne's south to celebrate the legendary sounds of Asbury Park and raise money for a worthy cause -- in this case the Rainbow Network, which provides essential services to the Victorian LGBT community.

The original purpose of these gatherings was to evangalise music I grew up with that was synonymous with Bruce Springsteen, i.e. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Gary US Bonds, Little Steven, etc. (on this occasion the playlist was dominated by live songs from Springsteen's current 'The River' tour). Like any preacher I wanted as large a flock as possible to gather and listen and spread the gospel of the range of bands that played the Stone Pony in Asbury Park back when it was the center of a bluesy, horns-based musical sound when disco dominated US airwaves.

But a funny thing's happened over the course of four Sunday at the Stone Pony's ... I no longer care about the size of our crowd. Only the quality.

And on this latest Sunday we had spectacular quality.

All told the group of people featured in these photographs raised $865, with the Local Taphouse generously contributing an additional $50.

Thanks to everyone who attended. If there's an SP5 I'm thinking it'll be by invitation only.

As always, nothing happens without the tremendous contributions of Mary (left) and Piera (right). Their generosity and spirit cannot be adequately celebrated. Piera's holding the arm of Carly, who flew in from Sydney to join our soiree. Piera's friend Pauline rounds out the foursome.

If there's a more beautiful smile in Melbourne than Maria's I've yet to witness it. Here she stands beside the day's best dressed man, Jamie, while Rebecca inhales an item off the Local Taphouse's food menu. Somehow, she manages to remain glamorous.

Highlight of the day was the appearance of Dave and Effie Wright's twin daughters Sophia and Memphis. Here, Mary prepares Memphis for a lifetime of wise choices.

Dave holds Sophia while Mary & Piera fuss over Mem.

Richard (left) traveled with his partner Eden (who's not in this or any other non-group photos, unfortunately) to attend SP4. Rita's flashing a perfect smile beside him while Maja focuses on artwork in the arms of mum Sara.

Sophia shoots a look that says "I may be a toddler but I know a photo of me sitting on a bar is NOT dignified" while Stewart shows off the day's most appropriate hooded garment.

Sunday was Dave's actual birthday but Stewart and Michael had recently celebrated theirs so a group cake was arranged and devoured.

Legends. All.

'Til next time.

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