Sunday, 27 August 2017

Rally for Marriage Equality, Melbourne CBD, Saturday 26 Aug 2017

In the absence of actual leadership, the conservative national government in Australia has chosen to spend over $100 million on a NON-BINDING postal plebiscite to determine if same-sex couples should have the same right to marry as heterosexual couples. This gutless dereliction of elected duty will result in the usual knuckle-dragger hatred horseshit but Melbourne yesterday flexed its progressive muscle with a marriage equality rally and march that drew over 15,000 to the CBD.

(If you're a registered Aussie voter and have questions regarding the postal plebiscite, read this and share.)

I arrived at the State Library of Victoria at 12:30 and watched the crowd swell around me. From 1:00 - 2:00 a procession of speakers rallied the gathering of 'Yes' voters somewhat unnecessarily ... it's the great swath of the easily distracted who'll neglect to participate that need a fire lit under their asses. Got family and friends you believe would vote 'Yes' but may forget to return their form? Harangue them. As an American ex-pat who watched self-proclaimed 'cool kids' declare their lack of intention to vote for Hillary Clinton because ... oh, who the fuck cares 'because' ... there's a price to be paid for not pushing back with vehemence against the dark forces among us.

At the very least, this foolish plebiscite is a chance to tell right-wingers to go fuck themselves.

Always a plus.

Looking towards Little Bourke Street from in front of the State Library of Victoria.

Looking towards La Trobe Street.

Estimated crowd size: 15,000

The march began down La Trobe Street. I don't know why a man chose to wear purple dinosaur pajamas.

Looking back up La Trobe Street.

After turning onto Bourke Street, we then turned onto Swanston to return to the library and walked past this fire truck.

Sign of the day in front of the library. It's time Australia got on the right side of history and joins the list. If you're a registered voter in Australia, you can help make it happen.

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